Bikini Babe Giantess' Lisa & Whitney POV

9:02 video

Lisa and Whitney get back from an awesome day at the beach, still wearing their tiny little bikinis and beach towels. Each pull their towels off to shake off all of the sand, when something itsy bitsy falls off of Whitney's towel onto the ground in front of them.. "OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT?!" Lisa shreaks.. "I think.. it's a tiny little man!" Whitney gasps... They inspect this teeny tiny little creature on the ground.. interrogate it.. poke it.. pin it down.. pick it up.. pull at it's arms and legs.. even LICK IT! "HE TASTES LIKE THE BEACH! ALL SALTY!" They giggle.. tormenting him even more... "What should we do with him?! Think he has more friends?!" The tiny man tries to make an escape, but it too little and slow to keep up with the giant powerful women.. Only one way to punish him for his actions... EAT HIM ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Includes: little, tiny, teeny, man, giant, giantess, gts, powerful, tall, dominate, blonde, bikini, fetish, mouth, tongues, teeth, throat, licking, crushing, squashing, feet, foot, kink, fantasy.

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