Foot Tickle Therapy with Nyxon pt 2

5:33 video

Wakey Wakey Miss Nyxon... Dr. Whitney finishes putting Nyxon in a quick but firm hogtie as she begins to stir. Dr. Whitney giggles "Well, you're just SO ticklish, and seemingly quite the fighter.. I needed to restrain you, you know.. for medical purposes!" Dr. Whitney wastes utterly NO time testing Nyxon's ticklish reflexes.. Running her fingers all over her bare soles - even biting and nibbling on their sweetness, working her way up to knees, hips, ribs, underarms, and more.. BUT, keeping her keen attention on her most favorite part... THE FEET. Not missing a single pretty patch of pedicured flesh on her sweet succulant soles. XXXX the pretty pinup damsel in distress to thrash, scream, laugh, struggle, and BEG in ticklish peril! Dr. Whitney is in tickle fetishist heaven with this perfect catch.. "I'll have to bring you home to Florida with me.. Better grab my luggage, see if you'll fit.. If you get out while I'm gone.. maybe.. just maybe I'll let you tickle me.. Just to show you how much FUN it REALLY is!" Hmm... Think Nyxon will escape to inflict a little revenge tickle? Shh.... Don't let her know Dr. Whitney REALLY loves it.

Includes: feet, foot, tickling, ticklish, toes, soles, arches, wrinkles, screaming, laughing, giggling, struggling, begging, alternative, goth, ink, tattoos, rope, hogtie, damsel in distress, limp. 

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