Roxie Gets Off On The Sweet Sweat Of Her Soles

7:51 video

Roxie Rae is completely overtaken by the sweet sweaty aroma of her soles. Taking off her shoes, is almost too much - she shoves her face deep into her sweat soaked Keds, breathing in long gasps. She pulls her knee high socked feet up to her face one by one, sniffing their sweet sweaty moist soles, licking them clean. Slowly she peels each one off, squeezing them in her hands as she buries her little nose in them - huffing up the funky foot scent from every last little cotton fiber. But now, for the good stuff. Her eyes roll back into her head as she shoves each little tiny size 5 foot in her face, her nose between each and every one of her tootsie toes. She can hardly control herself anylonger.. She MUST have a taste, just a little one at least... Lick from heel to tippy toe, in between each little piggie, in every wrinkle, slurping up every last drop of sweet sweat from her soles.. But only needing MORE.

Includes: feet, foot, fetish, Keds, sneakers, knee high socks, soles, toes, arches, heel, licking, sniffing, smelling, sweat, stinky, funky, foot worship.

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