Vanya Vixen Uses Dieta Donna As Her Human Ashtray

4:41 video

"Come come my little slave girl.." Dieta Donna quickly approaches Vanya Vixen, eager to please. "On your knees before me.." Dieta kneels. "Palms up!" Dieta does as she's told, presenting her palms for Vanya to ash into. With each deep inhalation of clove cigarette, Vanya blows the thick smoke from her lungs into Dieta's face - she's a good little slave girl. Hardly even flinches. Dieta's eyes tear from the smoke, but she sits still as she's told while Vanya drags her clove cigarette to the end of it's burning hot cherry.. "Now, OPEN WIDE!" Vanya puts out that burning red hot tip on the tip of Dieta's warm, wet pink little tongue.. And, like a good little slave girl.. She closes her mouth, and with one deep gulp, swallows it whole. 

Includes: femdom, slave, submissive, submission, female slave, clove, cigarette, human ashtray, ashing, smoke, smoking, domination, humiliation.

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