Wait, Your Mom Doesn't Tie You Up When She Leaves?

10:06 video

Whitney Morgan has been raised on this little game her mom always plays with her when she leaves Whitney home alone. Mom (Delila Bee) ties Whitney's wrists and ankles TIGHTLY together. If Whitney's a good girl, and stays securely tied while Mom is out, she treats Whitney to ice cream after! Whitney has been BEGGING to have a sleepover with her friends Sydney Screams and Lela Beryl - Mom gives in, even though she has a big date tonight.. But before she leaves, she pulls the rope out "You know what time it is Whitney, time to play our little game!" The other gals look puzzled, but go along with it, trusting Whitney. After all three are nicely tied, Mom leaves reminding them there will be a treat for whomever stays tied up. Sydney and Lela are NOT happy. "This is WAY too weird.." Lela escapes with ease, unties Sydney.. And BOTH decide that this little "game" Whitney plays with her mom is just WRONG. Lela HOGTIES Whitney - TIGHT. They spank, tickle, humiliate her. Whitney whines, "But you guys, we're not going to get ice cream if Mom comes back and you're untied!" Sydney laughs, "We'll get our own ice cream.." pulls out Whitney's tits "..here, a little something for Mommy when she gets back!" 

Includes: taboo, milf, blonde, lingerie, rope, bondage, bound, tickling, spanking, humiliation, struggling, escape, feet, hogtie, damsel in distress, DiD.

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