Foot Tickle Therapy with Goddess Roman pt1

7:39 video

Lovely Goddess Roman of Bossy Feet finds herself in the waiting room of the Foot Tickle Therapist Dr. Whitney. With her, is the very ticklish and somewhat scorned Sarah Diavola. Sarah wishes Goddess Roman good luck, warning her that Dr. Whitney is evil, twisted, fucked up. Goddess Roman has a seat on Dr. Whitney's couch. Dr. Whitney slowly removes her shoes, is mesmerized by Goddess Roman's PERFECT feet. So soft. So sweet. So ticklish. Dr. Whitney can't help but push Goddess Roman's buttons.. pushing her over the edge of foot tickle phobia. Just when Goddess Roman thought she couldn't handle anymore screaming, laughing, struggling, begging, gasping for air... she finds a bundle of rope tucked away in Dr. Whitney's couch. "What the hell is this?!" Dr. Whitney tries to explain "'s for medical purposes.. you know, if I have to restrain you due to your foot tickle phobia..." but it's too late. Goddess Roman has had enough. She swiftly knocks Dr. Whitney out COLD. Leaving her nice and LIMP.. to TIE up of course.. Dr. Whitney needs a little taste of her own medicine. 

Includes: feet, foot, toes, soles, arches, tickling, ticklish, laughing, giggling, struggling, HOM, limp, begging, wrinkles, scrunching, wiggling, shoe removal, domination. 

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