Catherine Foxx Wants To Tickle YOU

6:25 video

The lovely firey redhead Catherine Foxx knows how TICKLISH you are.. Do you know how much she absolutely LOVES tickling?? It's her favorite thing in the whole wide world.. And she.. Wants to tickle.. YOU! From head to tippy toe.. Finding ALL of your most TICKLISH spots, spots that drive you wild - screaming and crying and begging her to stop!! Is it the armpits? The ribs? In the 'pockets' The feet? She'll find out.. and when she does, she's NOT going to stop.. Because you're getting strapped to her St. Andrew's Cross where you can't get away!!


Includes: redhead, pov, tickling, tickle torture, bdsm, feathers, nails, tease, dirty talk, ticklish, bondage, torment, mind fucking.

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