Ginger Sparks' Foot Tickle Therapist Tickle Revenge

9:18 video

Dr. Whitney awakens.. NUDE... TIED TIGHTLY to.. to.. a St. Andrew's Cross?! OH MY GOD! She's in a DUNGEON! Dr. Whitney tickle tortured the WRONG GAL.. Ginger Sparks is a professional dominatrix and NOT playing around. It's time for severe TICKLE TORTURE on Dr. Whitney. She squirms, begs, screams, her tits bouncing around as she struggles to break free from Ginger's tight rope work.. "No one will hear your cries of laughter deep in my dungeon.. You're never getting away to torment poor ticklish souls again if I can help it..." Ginger tickles her naked body from head to toe until exhaustion.. "Don't you worry, I'll be back for more my pet..." Will Dr. Whitney make a grand escape through an itty bitty loose rope.. Or will Ginger return JUST in time to subdue her once again...? 

Includes: nude, naked, blonde, redhead, tickle, tickling, bondage, bound, dungeon, tied, struggling, damsel in distress, bdsm, tit bouncing, boob bouncing, begging, laughing, giggling. 

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