Trick or Treat: YOU'RE Good To Eat!

8:30 video

Trick or Treat! It's that time of year again when naughty flesh seeking XXXX witches Lisa Harlotte and Whitney Morgan can get away with a little extra meat treat.. And they've picked YOU! You came seeking candy but got a little more than desired.. You can't help but walk inside their house, they seemed so sweet and just wanted to feed you pumpkin cookies! But those cookies found you frozen, unable to move after even just a little bite.. You stand there helpless while they dress you in olive oil, vinaigrette, salt, black pepper, bountiful herbs and spices from their kitchen, rubbing minced garlic all over your body.. They tenderize you, giggle and cackle as they prepare side dishes to accompany your sweet flesh.. They even are SO tempted to taste you that they pull out your arm and start gnawing on your hand, biting down with all their might to pierce your own flesh before your eyes! The oven beeps.. It's time to pop you in for a nice slow roast.. But not before popping a bright red shiny apple in your mouth! YUM!

Includes: pov, halloween, vore, biting, eating, cooking, baking, kitchen, blondes, witches, mouth, teeth, lipstick, tongue, licking, drooling, XXXX, chewing, meal.

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