Foot Tickle Therapy: FiFi & Leilani's REVENGE

11:11 video

Little did Dr. Whitney know whom her last patient was. And she certainly had no intentions of her breaking free.. but alas, another one bites the dust.. Or does she? The problem Dr. Whitney doesn't realize is, FiFi Foxx not only stole Dr. Whitney's planner.. BUT, her mother Leilani Lei had been a previously tickle traumatized patient of Dr. Whitney's. Now knowing Dr. Whitney's daily routines, her whereabouts.. they wait for nightfall to seek their revenge. While Dr. Whitney XXXXs, they creep in to tightly duct tape her wrists + ankles, subduing her for the sweet tickle revenge they deserve - an all over tickle therapy you can say! And, a hard ass spanking to add the icing on the cake! 

Includes: feet, foot, fetish, tickling, ticklish, HOM, hand over mouth, XXXX, spanking, spank, paddling, paddle, rosey, red, tickle, laughing, struggling, MILF, blondes, bound, bondage, duct tape, damsel in distress, DiD, revenge. 

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