Submissive's Revolt

11:21 video

If you've seen Ms Whitney Morgan's dominate side.. you know she can be a cruel and unusual mistress.. XXXX submissives to perform humiliating acts simply for her entertainment. This is the tale of the submissive that got revenge. Ms Whitney calls her sub near, instructing him to into position, where she ties him TIGHT, painfully tight.. as she laughs at his misfortune. She kicks back with a bottle of wine, telling him to struggle for her amusement! Apparently she doesn't know when to stop XXXX, and quickly has had way too much.. During her little "nap" her submissive manages to escape.. and ties HER up nice and tight to her chair. Making sure she isn't going ANYWHERE. She awakens, ANGRY. Struggling, DEMANDING to be let out.. No such luck, her sub watches HER in amusement this time.. as he dangles a nice BIG cock gag in front of her eyes.. teasing her with the idea of shoving it in her mouth.. She becomes even more infuriated, mouthing off to him.. IN GOES THE GAG. Humiliated, defeated, useless.. she continues to struggle in desperation, mumbling inaudible gagtalk as her sub slips out of the room, leaving her in dispare.

Includes:  ROLE PLAY, POV, GAGGING, ROPE BONDAGE, TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES, HUMILIATION, payback, revenge, role reversal, submissive, damsel in distress, struggling, cock, dildo, boots, chair tie, femdom, domination, blackmail, blonde

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