Tommy The Turkey Sandwich Vore

12:27 video

Miss Whitney Morgan's ex has been hounding her, harassing her, not understanding that IT'S OVER! She doesn't know what to do to GET RID OF HIM! She discovers a special lipstick over the black market - it's magic... with ONE kiss, one sweet last kiss to her annoying ex.. It SHRINKS him! Into a cowardly little turkey! There he sits, dumbfounded. And delicious. She pulls off a bite of him.. Mmm.. she DID promise him lunch over the phone, but he didn't realize HE was going to be the lunch! She picks him up, leads him to the kitchen, popping him up on the counter to carve off slice after yummy slice to make a big, fat, juicy sandwich from his FLESH! With her scrumptious sandwich OVERFLOWING with meat - from Tommy the Turkey *giggle* - Miss Whitney Morgan sits down to enjoy her lunch - in silence! DEVOURING every single little crumb, licking, sucking her fingers and lips in hungry pleasure. With her belly FULL, expanded, HUGE - filled with Tommy The Turkey.. She's rid herself of her ex boyfriend problem for good.

Includes: eating, vore, teeth, mouth, fetish, growth, gaining, expansion, lipstick, magic, shrinking, pov, food, housewife, giantess, GTS, tongue, licking, throat.

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