Miss Whit & Miss Quin: Who's Choking Who?

9:39 video

Both Miss Whitney Morgan and Miss Quin are dominate females, both work stressful jobs and could use a way of unwinding at home. Miss Whitney Morgan relaxes on her day off while admiring her soft yet strong hands.. Fantasies about wrapping them around a young, innocent gal's neck.. tightly, firmly, until her face flushes and her eyes tear up.. In walks her best friend Miss Quin, though a bit shy about her choking fetish - Miss Whitney Morgan explains it to Miss Quin. "Nothing weird about that at ALL Miss Whitney.. in fact, I'm quite a bit into breath play myself... want to have a little fun..?" Miss Quin wraps her hands tightly around Miss Whitney Morgan's neck, squeezing as Whitney's eyes roll into the back of her head in pure pleasure. One handed, two handed, her breathing slowing, her body flushing.. Quin pins her down onto the futon, thrusting all her weight upon her throat. Miss Whitney sits up, fanning herself and panting.. "Oh my... that was too much fun.. But I MUST do you now!" Miss Whitney reaches out to Miss Quin's neck - giving back all the throat thrusting pleasure she was given. Sitting up again, they get the bright idea "Let's do it to each other AT THE SAME TIME!!!" Moaning, breathing deep as their soft, strong hands tightly caress one another's necks.. This is CERTAINLY something they need to pencil in together more often..

Includes: power exchange, throat, neck, hands, powerful, breath, breathing, eye rolling, eye crossing, blonde, alternative, bdsm, fetish.

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