Competitive Cam Girl Quin Captured!

7:55 video

Miss Quin is the TOP SELLING cam girl! She's pushing Nyxon right out of the top tier, bringing in all the bank with her online clients - stealing those silly cam loving boys right out from under Nyxon's nose. Nyxon is NOT a happy camper, and doesn't take too kindly to Quin racking in all the cash. But oopsy.. Miss Quin messed up today.. She didn't turn her location settings off.. Nyxon snatches up this prime opportunity to pay Quin a little visit! Quin, on cam, doesn't even see it about to happen... Nyxon bursts in, wraps her strong hands around Quin's mouth/nose, Quin's eyes cross as she struggles to break free from Nyxon's strong grip, alas she falls into Nyxon's arms. Nyxon giggles to the viewers.. "Looks like Quin got herself in to some trouble.. be sure to log onto MY account to see how much trouble..." Nyxon logs back on, with Quin tightly tied up.. "Any requests?? Tips BB?" Nyxon gags Quin, gropes her, caresses her body with a huge dilldo as she panders to the viewers... Leaving Quin tied up and struggling on her account ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT to rack in that cam client cash on Quin's behalf!

Includes: HOM, alternative, camming, pov, rope, bound, bondage, struggling, DiD, damsel in distress, bra, panties, humiliation, hand over mouth, voyeur, tattoos.

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