Foot Tickle Therapy with Goddess Brandon pt1

7:00 video

Ah Dr. Whitney Morgan the Foot Tickle Therapist will never tire of her ways, never learn her lesson.. You see, it's kind of hard when typically her victims er patients tend to lean to the whole "tickling is torture" route.. silly them.

Dr. Whitney has a new referral today - Goddess Brandon. A beautiful alternative MILF with gorgeous ticklish soles. As Dr. Whitney examines them, she sences that Goddess Bradon REALLY isn't liking this being submissive, following directions routine. "It's JUST a little exam, testing your uh reflexes, your most ticklish points, your sweet soft soles, wiggling toes, deep wrinkles and high arches.. I mean your uh uh feet for me to uh um help you progress in getting over your foot tickling fears.. OH HELL!" Dr. Whitney grabs Goddess Brandon firmly around the mouth/nose, causing her eyes to cross and she fall XXXX in Dr. Whitney's arms. "I mean.. it was leading to this anyways.. I just cut to the chase.. Better check that she's really out.."

Dr. Whitney plays with Goddess Brandon's limbs, wiggling her arms, dropping her legs, playing with her little fingers and toes. She checks her eyes - rolled in the back of her head. She checks her mouth, tongue drooping. Moves her limbs, heavy body up as she pulls out the handcuffs.. Because you know what's next.. Or do you? To be continued! 

Includes: feet, foot, tickling, ticklish, HOM, hand over mouth, limb play, fingers, toes, barefoot, alternative, crossed eyes, arms, legs, tickling, doctor, therapist, purple hair, arches, soles, wrinkled soles.

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