Sometimes Super Dreams Do Come True

22:42 video

Miss Whitney Morgan has wanted nothing more in the world than to become Supergirl... Everyone loves her, she's amazing - SUPER even. She always gets the guy... especially Whitney's crush.... He's SO into Supergirl, he doesn't even notice Whitney.. 

One night, Whitney begs, wishes, hopes in her dreams she can become Supergirl, drifting off into slumberland she has an amazing dream.. She IS Supergirl! And her crush has no idea, but while Whitney slowly strips out of her office attire she reveals to him the big 'S' on her chest, her tight leotard, short skirt, cape, and boots.. It's almost too much for him to handle - he's ROCK HARD ready for her to drop to her knees - and she does of course! She gives him an out of this world blowjob, gagging, deepthroating, giving him sexy innocent eye contact as she slobs on his knob.. but before she can finish him off, Whitney wakes up. 

"Oh wow, I had the most AMAZING dream.. SUPER even.. I WAS Supergirl, I saved the day, I got the guy..." she trails off as she slips the covers off noticing she's not in her tank & panties anymore.. she's in Supergirl's uniform! The whole shebang - even the boots! "OH MY GOODNESS! Pinch me! This can't be real!" She looks over to the camera, the 'guy' - her crush is standing before her, ready to be finished off from that super dream of hers.. 

Whitney - now Supergirl - drops to her knees, crawls up into his lap, knowing exactly what to do - gag on that big rock hard cock of his! She sucks him off, gagging, deepthroating, looking up at him with pure joy to please him until her cums ALL OVER HER FACE! 

Whitney giggles "Sometimes Super dreams DO come true!"

Includes: POV, superhero, superheroine, leotards, panties, blonde, blowjob, handjob, boots, eye contact, transformation, fantasies, fetish, gagging, deepthroat, spit, drool, bj, hj, tongue, mouth, oral, lips.

NO female nudity, NO pantyhose.

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