Winning Wedgie with Whitney & Tina Lee Comet

11:05 video

You know what Miss Whitney Morgan and Tina Lee Comet are? Two broke girls about to be out on their luck. Whitney thought it was a GREAT idea to buy some lottery tickets with literally the last dime (oh no, wait she has ONE left in her pocket.. 10 measly cents to her name) in high hopes they'd win the big bucks and not have to worry about being thrown out on their asses. She buys two tickets, one for herself and one for Tina Lee... Problem is, ONE of these tickets IS a winner.. and these gals aren't much for sharing, especially if it helps get them out of this slum and start a new life.. NEITHER are willing to SHARE.. but both are willing to SHRED their poor cotton PANTIES to PIECES as they catfight and brutally WEDGIE one another struggling to get the winning ticket!

Includes: panties, roommates, full back panties, wedgies, wedgie, panty ripping, ass, butts, catfight, struggling, lifting, dixie comet. 

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