Weak Superhero TICKLED by Duela Dent pt2

6:59 video

Last we saw Duela Dent (aka Lady Joker) she had YOU - weak wimpy "superhero" - tied up tight and humiliating you for her amusement... Now it's time to put a smile on your face - and surely hers as well.. It's time to make you LAUGH!!! She's going to bend you over her spanking bench, tie you tight, and make you SQUIRM! Gags? Hmmm.. NO! She wants to HEAR the sweet satisfying sound of you screaming, begging, giggling, laughing, and CRYING from her ticklish games! Running her FEATHERS - uh oh, she's got a WHOLE pack just for YOU - along your soles, your arm pits, your ribs, knee pits, collar bone, oh yeah... EVEN IN YOUR EARS!! You won't stand a chance... cuz she's going to make you laugh - real, real bad. 

Include: cosply, tickling, gloves, wig, costume, villain, pov, feathers, ticklish, evil, tickle, tease, femdom, female domination, makeup.

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