Miss Whitney Pillow Humping For The Holidays

10:26 video

After a long evening at the company Christmas party, after knocking back one too many bubblies.. She's kind of proud of herself for not taking a few coworkers to her desk for a little romp.. maybe rubbing one out on the boss's face.. Mmmm.. but her mind wanders.. how hot it would be to bang the boss.. or the guy down the hall.. even the chick.. She's home and horny and not sure what to do with herself.. Her pussy dripping, begging for attention.. She grabs a pillow, giggles to herself how hot it would be if it was the boss's FACE!!! Mmmm... humping, grinding, rubbing her dripping cunt all over his face AT THE HOLIDAY PARTY!!! Oh what joy.. She was a good girl tonight, but good girls can have fantasies.. and ORGASMS. She grinds, rubs, HUMPS her pilliow pulling herself out of her party dress giving herself creamy dripping all over her pillow orgasm after orgasm fantasizing about humping the boss's face instead!

Includes: stripping, tits, boobs, grinding, humping, rubbing, pillow humping, solo erotica, solo female, masturbation, female masturbation, orgasms, boss, employee, fantasy, cumming.

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