No Husbands Allowed Dinner Party with Nyxon & Vanya

7:39 video

Miss Whitney Morgan is so sick and tired of Vanya Vixen and Nyxon constantly bringing their husbands over to lady's night.. Constantly bragging about their perfect marriages.. getting all lovey dovey with them.. PDA: Public Displays of Affection... While poor Miss Whitney Morgan stands solo around them. She's had ENOUGH. This chicks only night will remain as so.. because Whitney invited over Vanya and Nyxon's husbands early to help with dinner.. in fact.. they helped SO much that they became the main course meal! Just... Vanya and Nyxon have no idea.. they just assume their husbands are running late to the dinner party.. Whitney prepares the delicious meat in the kitchen as she cackles away at their demise by her hands. Serving up that hot, steamy, juicy meat right on the bone... she watches Vanya and Nyxon sink their teeth in.. nibbling... devouring.. savory taste after taste.. But upon Whitney admitting her cruel act.. her.. cooking up and serving their husbands for dinner.. they spit their meal out, but the flavor.. it's so.. addicting.. they want, no need another taste.. and soon can't help themselves enjoying the sweet delicious juicy taste - sucking the meat off the bones.. wanting more.


Includes: vore, bite, biting, food, food fetish, food play, consume, eating, eat, chewing, kitchen, cooking, dinner, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, teeth fetish, swallowing, licking, throat fetish, smelling, tasting, consuming, devour, devouring.

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